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      Welcome to the Law & Mediation Office of Patricia D. Clark. As a family law attorney, I am here to help you through some of the most challenging and emotional issues you face, including legal separation/divorce, parenting and child custody and visitation issues, child and spousal support issues, property division and guardianships.  Dealing with these issues is time consuming, can be costly, and often brings out strong emotions such as fear, anger, frustration and sadness.  I am here to listen to you, understand your needs and desires and provide legal expertise to guide you through this difficult time.  My goal is to provide you with solutions that will allow you to move forward with your life with the least amount of stress, anxiety and fear. 

      I went into the field of family law because I enjoyed the personal connection with clients and the challenge of helping them through difficult circumstances.  I found throughout my years of practice that when parties are able to work through obstacles and difficulties together through mediation or collaboration, they are able to reach emotional closure on their relationships sooner, and their children adjust quicker, which fosters better long-term outcomes for all parties involved.  Even if mediation is not possible in your case, my resolution-oriented approach fosters solutions that allow you to move forward with the least amount of stress possible. As your legal expert, I will listen to your needs and assist you in making the important decisions that affect you and your family. 

      To obtain additional information or schedule a consultation, please contact Patricia at the Law and Mediation Office of Patricia D. Clark, 1700 Eureka Road, Suite 190, Roseville, California.  916-472-6232.

       What is it about divorce and other family law matters that makes them challenging?

      It is a misconception that the law is the most complex part of a divorce. This is simply not true. Law itself endeavors to be fair and make sure that every issue is resolved in the best manner possible. The challenging and daunting part arises from the emotionally traumatic nature of these matters. As your legal expert, either as your mediator or your lawyer, my goal is to bring you to a position where you fully understand your legal options and at the same time are supported in overcoming the emotional trauma you are experiencing so you are able to make decisions that will be the best for you.  For me, this is what empowering is all about and this is the position I will put you in.

       Where Do You See Yourself One Year From Now?

      The first question that I ask my clients is that where do you see yourself one year down the road. Yes, I understand it is very difficult to see past all the ups and downs that one is facing at the moment.  At the same time, it is my job to help you understand that there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re unable to answer this question then it is my job to find out where you want to be and to help you get there in the most efficient manner possible.

       With me, you will be getting an experienced lawyer and mediator who will work with you to decide the empowering resolution that makes the most sense for you and your family.

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