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  • Child Custody

  • Roseville Child Custody Lawyer

    Legal issues involving child custody can be driven by emotions and are inherently difficult.  

    You need a skilled attorney who can guide you with compassion and understanding. Patricia D. Clark is a Certified Family Law Specialist who has over 10 years’ experience in solving difficult child custody issues.  She is a resolution focused attorney who seeks to guide you with professionalism, compassion and understanding.   

    Mediation May be the Best Choice for Your Child/Children's Future

    Most likely you will be having to work with your ex over child custody issues until the children are at least 18 years old.  Studies show that children benefit when both parties can reach a mutually beneficial agreement with regards to custody. 

    Mediation is:

    1. A cooperative process, not adversarial. Both parties meet with an attorney-mediator who is knowledgeable, and who can guide them in making sound decisions that benefit their child/children. 
    2. Allows both parties to make decisions about custody and parenting schedules instead of the court making those decisions.
    3. Allows for flexibility as your child grows and their needs change.  You can always return to mediation to work out new parenting plans and custody decisions.
    4. Reduces costs.  In general, when agreements are made out of court, it results in reduced expense.

    If Mediation Is Not an Option

    In some cases Mediation is not an option. Especially if both parties are unable or unwilling to participate.  Patricia can still assist you with your child custody issues and concerns.  She is well experienced in representing clients in court, knowledgeable of court procedures and processes and familiar with the issues and questions Family Court judges must address when considering child custody cases. Please contact Patricia Clark at Law & Mediation Office of Patricia D. Clark.  916-472-6232.