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    Divorce can be a very difficult and stressful experience for you and your children.  There are times you need the support of a team of professionals who can help you manage all aspects of the divorce (i.e. emotional, financial, and concerns of your children). One option to consider is a Collaborative Divorce process.   A Collaborative Divorce allows you and your spouse to each retain an attorney to represent you in a settlement-oriented process where both parties and their attorney’s agree to stay out of court.  As needed, the parties and their attorneys consult with other professionals such as child specialists, financial specialists and divorce coaches to help fully understand their options and to help them move forward with the least amount of stress and turmoil.

    Key features of the Collaborative Divorce process include:

    • Both parties and their attorneys work together to make decisions and to resolve problems without going to court.
    • A complete and open exchange of information is essential.
    • Can be a cost-effective alternative to litigation where the parties appear in court to resolve conflicts.
    • Encourages respectful interaction and cooperation that is focused on moving forward with the least amount of conflict.
    • Offers solutions that take into account both parties’ interests and their children’s needs.
    • Confidentiality of all discussions.

    More Than A Decade Of Family Law Experience

    Patricia D. Clark has been practicing family law for more than a decade and is a Certified Family Law Specialist.  Patricia has found that Collaborative Divorce is often a less painful way to pursue divorce. It results in less conflict and more emotional stability as the parties move forward with their lives.

    Patricia understands how divorce can cause anger, fear, confusion and loss.  Her desire is to help families make informed decisions, with the least amount of conflict, and move forward in a positive manner. If you are interested in finding out more about Collaborative Divorce, please contact the Law and Mediation Office of Patricia D. Clark in Roseville, California. 916-472-6232.