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  • Mediation

  • Mediation

     Mediation provides an alternative to going to court. It enables you to resolve disputes or disagreements in a private and confidential manner.  Both parties meet together with a knowledgeable and neutral attorney-mediator who will provide guidance and structure to all conversations.  The Mediator does not make decisions on your behalf, instead she works with the two of you to create mutually beneficial decisions.  Mediation can be used in numerous family law situations including:  child custody, spousal support, child support, paternity cases, division of assets/debts, legal separation and divorce. 

     A divorce mediation process is:

    1. Settlement oriented
    2. More affordable
    3. Gives greater control to the parties in the process
    4. Helps you avoid court appearances
    5. Confidential
    6. Creative process geared towards problem solving

     Studies have shown that parties who participate in Mediation generally create longer lasting mutually beneficial agreements since both parties “have a hand in creating solutions to problems.”  Mediation tends to reduce conflict between the parties.  Studies show a direct correlation between the amount of conflict exhibited between divorcing parents and potential difficulties experienced by their children.  It may be worth your time to try Mediation as a solution to conflict instead of assuming your only option is to take your case to court.

    Cost Savings in Mediation

     Mediation is the least-expensive, easiest way to proceed with a divorce or legal separation.  By using a mediator you will:

    • Have one attorney/mediator who is neutral and assists both parties impartially
    • Reach a settlement with less stress and in less time than a litigated divorce
    • Avoid unnecessary costs such as depositions, subpoenas, etc.
    • Pay for costs as you move forward through the process, rather than paying a large retainer as most attorneys demand
    • Avoid court hearings which are costly and require time off of work
    • Prevent future litigation by resolving future issues such as responsibilities for college expenses, adjustments to support, adjustments to parenting time.

    Patricia D. Clark is a Certified Family Law Specialist with extensive mediation experience.  To find out more information about Mediation or to schedule a consultation, please contact Patricia at the Law & Mediation Office of Patricia D. Clark, 1700 Eureka Road, Suite 190, Roseville, CA 916-472-6232. 

  • Questions/Concerns Clients Have Prior to Mediation

    Clients often have the following questions and concerns about their divorce/legal separation:

    • How their divorce will affect their children
    • Lack of knowledge or limited knowledge about finances
    • Poor communication between you and your spouse
    • Lack of knowledge about what is considered “fair”
    • Concerns about spousal/child support
    • Desire to avoid a lengthy, expensive divorce process

    Patricia does not expect you to have knowledge about the divorce/legal separation process. It is her job to “walk you through” the process and to explain the process in a way that you can understand. 

    Please call Patricia D. Clark at 916-472-6232 to schedule a consultation where you can discuss your particular concerns and discuss the options available to you.